Current Events!

Artifactovol is open to new players applying for whitelist to the server. You must own Minecraft (absolutely zero tolerance for cracked copies), you must be running Java 8 - 64 bit, and your knowledge on how to install forge will be useful in getting set up.

Please send a private message to thr33p10 on the Minecraft forums for whitelist requests.


18th July, 2017

Latest Update: Artifactovol is running a brand new world with the newest modpack version 5.2! We've added airships, and trimmed some of the superfluous mods that went virtually unused in our recent world. 40+ mods await your testing!

22nd October, 2016

We are launching a new version of Artifactovol in Minecraft 1.10.2 which means both a new pack, and a new world! We still have two or three mods currently out of action so anything done on the new world is only temporary! Read as: The world will be deleted when we get the last few mods for 1.10.2 in place. Have fun!

27th April, 2016

New modpack update! 4.0.2 is the version running on the server. Be careful when approaching horses.. just in case you run into a nightmare, hippocamp, unicorn, or pegasus! Yes, that's right, we've added the Ultimate Unicorn mod!

18th April, 2016

A major change hit the server in 1.8.9 very quickly as BOP and RTG were found to be inoperable with the Server/Client settings! We're sorry but a map reset had to happen, even this early. Enjoy the new worldgen and let us know what you think!

14th April, 2016

The 1.8.9 update is upon us! The mods page has all the details regarding what is in the new pack. In short, the pack is much slimmer, but still has a similar feel. A completely new terrain gen mod, RTG, is in use for the pack and produces beautifully sculpted terrain. Happy Minecrafting!

8th March, 2016

The server, Artifactovol, has temporarily been shut down as we await some updates to bring about a viable modpack for either Minecraft 1.8 or 1.9. Also, a possibility of of running an experimental Vanilla 1.9 server has been thought up, what does the playerbase say? Message thr33p10 on the Minecraft forums with your opinions and your suggestions.

7th December, 2015

New modpack version 3.06! This update touched a few of the big tech mods and may be one of the last updates for 2015. Merry Christmas to all you Minecrafters out there!

15th November, 2015

The modpack has been updated to version 3.05 for the server! Whitelisted members please update to connect to Artifactovol. About 80% of the massive list of mods got an update!

Somewhen betwixt July and November, 2015

Modpack updates that went unnanounced for versions 3.03, and 3.04 happened... Much fun and building was had :)

20th July, 2015

New modpack version 3.02 available to whitelisted members of the server! please update to connect to Artifactovol.

15th July, 2015

Artifactivol website gets its first major update from a shell into a slightly more usable place to get information. The modpack listing begins to take shape as does the news page, and the about page! Players and gallery will likely be more of a weekend project...

14th July, 2015

Website assets complete! becomes something more than a placeholder.

Early July 2015

The Minecraft server previously known as "The Answer" becomes Artifactovol as domain name availability becomes a non-issue with the new name. Minecraft map reset for the server and a tweaked modpack is confirmed for the brand new server set-up.