What is it?

Artifactovol is the name given to the great shipbuilding asteroid complexes which produced the majestic, luxurious cruise-liner Starship Titanic. (referenced from wikipedia). Credit goes to Douglas Adams for his work on The Hithiker's Guide to the Galaxy, especially in coming up with such preposterous names!

The Minecraft Artifactovol

On this Minecraft Server, Artifactovol, we strive for an honest, responsible, and encouraging environment in which we can enjoy the Minecraft game. It is run by a proven system with lots of dedicated RAM and hard drive space, a very fast and reliable internet connection, and is hosted at the expense of the admins: players are not asked or required in any way to contribute financially. Just play and have fun responsibly!

Contact a Server Admin

To get in contact with a server admin, please use a private message on the Minecraft forums and send a message to thr33p10. Alternatively, there is a thread on the Minecraft forums where you can publicly post about the server but please post responsibly and do not spam the message board needlessly.